The Center for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is the leading authority in the advancement of social and emotional learning in education. Their focus on empirical evidence and district collaboration has made it the trusted source for educational administrators and policy makers seeking guidance on effectively advancing social and emotional learning in their K–12 students. CASEL has been reviewing SEL programs for over a decade, through an increasingly rigorous selection process.

CASEL’s program certification follows intensive analysis of Reading with Relevanceincluding our program’s outcomes, curricular materials, and implementation supports — to determine that our program meets their rigorous quality and evidence criteria. Their thorough review found that Reading with Relevance:

  • is a well-designed program that provides schools with a systematic classroom-based model promoting the development of a student’s social and emotional competence
  • offers high-quality professional development and implementation support to ensure that schools are equipped to effectively implement the program
  • has carefully conducted research evaluations that document positive impacts on student behavior and academic performance

To learn more about CASEL’s guide to effective social and emotional programming, explore their SELect certification resources.