We turn great books into

We turn great books into

As an educator, are you looking for ways to:

  • seamlessly integrate academic instruction with your students’ social and emotional development?
  • present your students with reading experiences that are culturally relevant and help them explore their identities?
  • save time prepping thoughtful lesson plans that help young people make meaning of real-world topics like immigration, civil rights, and social justice?
  • flexibly adapt to changing learning conditions, including navigating in-person and remote instruction?

Welcome to Reading with Relevance!

Reading with Relevance is a literacy program that guides students and teachers through the process of reading relevant, culturally diverse, socially and emotionally rich literature. By integrating intentional social/emotional development into every lesson, we are creating a generation of learners ready to understand, question, and remake the world around them.


Reading with Relevance unites cultural responsiveness, academic instruction, and SEL. The collection itself is based around culturally relevant and diverse texts, creating ‘windows and mirrors’ where students have ample opportunities to learn about and reflect on their own lives and the lives of others. This promotes deep awareness of and respect for diversity along with opportunities to build self-awareness.”

~The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

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The Reading with Relevance curriculum “portrays accurately and equitably the cultural and racial diversity of American society,” and has been approved by the California Department of Education for meeting the state’s Social Content Framework.

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Learn about the power of our Reading with Relevance book selections. Janijah reflects on the impact that We Beat the Street made on her thoughts about her future; in her words, “It motivates me more to know if they can do it, I can do it, too.”


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Featured Guide for Fall

Ghost Boys Teacher's Guide

Books are a Powerful Antiracist Tool: Here’s How to Start the Conversation

So many of us are searching for solutions to engage our students and our children in conversations about what is happening in our country. How do we support young people to think critically about the social justice issues that affect their lives and communities, and make meaning of the legacy of systemic racism that we’re grappling with as a nation? Our first FREE Reading with Relevance guide is a practical, easy-to-use tool for engaging the young people in your classroom, and your life, in empathy-building conversations about racism and injustice in America today.

Featured Title for Fall: Ghost Boys

Ghost Boys centers the stories of three young people grappling with the impacts of racism on their lives and experiences. Meet Jerome–a 12-year-old Black boy who has just been killed by a White police officer–and bear witness to his powerful journey to understand his life and death. Follow along as Jerome meets and learns from the ghosts of other boys, like Emmett Till, who have lost their lives to racial violence, and explore his unlikely friendship with the only living person who can see him: the 12-year-old White daughter of the police officer. We chose this novel for its thoughtful attention to some timely social and emotional themes: systemic racism, telling one’s story, police brutality, bullying, empathy, and understanding. We’re sharing this resource with our community because Ghost Boys is a must-read during this moment in history. We’re inviting you to join our mission by sharing this resource with the young people in your life.

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